📈Pulsr Tokenomics V.2

This page has since been updated as of 13 March, 2024 for clarity on Pulsr's tokenomics.

The Foundation is preparing to launch its token, $PULSR, in early Q2, 2024. $PULSR is a utility token that incentivizes and rewards network participants on actions that amplify The Pulsr Foundation's protocol fees. Token holders are rewarded through unique ecosystem access, community benefits, buybacks and burn, and staking. For $Pulsr token's utility go here.

Token Allocation 100 million $PULSR tokens will become accessible throughout the Pulsr Foundation ecosystem over the next 4 - 5 years. $PULSR follows similar standard token schedules to UNI and BLUR with additional cliffs and longer vesting schedules for core team, contributors, investors and advisors.

Allocation Pool

Allocation %

Number of Tokens

Vesting Periods




38% unlocked through Pulsr “Pulsarians” pfp collection and community partnership campaigns within a year of TGE.

*Community (TGE)



Unlocked at TGE.

Core Team



4 Years

Private Investors



4 Years

Pulsr Treasury




*58% (Community and TGE combined) will be unlocked over 1 year. With 20% unlocked at TGE, and 38% unlocked through Pulsr “Pulsarians” pfp collection and community partnership campaigns within a year of TGE.

Community Allocation Pool (Missions, Airdrops + TGE) Token Allocation Break Down

58% of $PULSR (Community + TGE) unlocked over a 1 year period.

  • 20% UNLOCKED on TGE.

  • 38% UNLOCKED through campaigns such as Pulsr “Pulsarians” collection, partnerships and community airdrops. View Earn and Airdrop Allocation activities so far:

Earn or Airdrop Allocation


Airdrop Date

3,000,000 $PULSR

Airdropped to Pulsarian “10k” PFP holders.

  • 😎 Pulsarian PFP holders automatically get airdropped 3% of the supply by holding the PFP!

Announced shortly after TGE.

3,000,000 $PULSR

Airdropped to "Pulsrian" 10k PFP holders from influencer referral links.

  • 🤑 Additional 3% of $PULSR distributed to “Pulsarian” holders referred by referral link.

Announced shortly after TGE.

10,000,000 $PULSR

Airdropped to Pulsr Point earners.

  1. Complete missions on https://www.pulsr.ai/ to earn Pulsr Points.

  2. Pulsr Points calculated and claimed weekly to redeem $PULSR from this allocation.

  3. 📈BONUS: Use your “Pulsarian” PFP to multiply your Pulsr Points before redeeming your $PULSR.

  4. Pulsr Points are not redeemable 1:1 for $PULSR. Redemption ratio will be calculated weekly.


3,000,000 $PULSR

Solana ecosystem


1,000,000 $PULSR

Airdropped to Pulsr Membership Card holders.

  • After Airdrop, Pulsr Membership Cards will no longer be active. Pulsr is consolidating its community to “Pulsrsarian” PFP collectors.

Same time as “Pulsarians” PFP holders.

1,000,000 $PULSR

Airdrop to Zealy community.



Partnership airdrop with Madlads.



Partnership airdrop with Solana Monke Business DAO.



Partnership airdrop with Magic Eden


17,000,000 $PULSR

Pulsr is actively planning community and airdrop campaigns to deploy the remaining community tokens. Refer here for updates.

Refer here for updates!

Stacking Airdrop Opportunities! Before, during and after $PULSR TGE, Pulsr will be running airdrop campaigns through its own community and partnerships. $PULSR Airdrop system is stackable. This means there are numerous ways to receive $PULSR airdrops.

Stack your Airdrop campaigns by referring to Earn and Airdrop Allocation activities for updates!

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