🪙6.0 Incentivised adoption through token utility

This section covers the infrastructure aspects of Pulsr's token. Head to section 7.0 $Pulsr's launch strategy and tokenomics.

The Foundation is preparing to launch its token, $PULSR, in early Q2, 2024. $PULSR is a utility token that incentivizes and rewards network participants on actions that amplify The Pulsr Foundation's protocol fees. Community-allocated tokens are available to be earned through Pulsr's ecosystem. Token holders are rewarded through unique ecosystem access, community benefits, buybacks and burn, and staking. Earning Pulsr Tokens How to pre-earn $Pulsr tokens: Before Pulsr's token launch, Pulsr Points are earned through Pulsr's AI-powered NFT Discovery Engine by using its functions and features. Pulsr Points can then be redeemed for $Pulsr tokens at airdrop. Pre-earn pathways for Pulsr Points are undisclosed. Pulsr Points earned will be dropped weekly to Pulsr accounts and can be multiplied with Pulsr's "Pulsarian" NFT collection. Refer to 7.0 Pulsr's NTO (NFT Token Offering) Strategy to understand how to multiply your points with Pulsr's "Pulsarian" NFT collection. Earning $Pulsr tokens after $Pulsr token launch: After $Pulsr token launch, a portion of Pulsr's community-allocated tokens will be dedicated to earn by using any services in Pulsr's ecosystem. As well as airdrops to Pulsr "Pulsarian" holders and Solana's wider community. $Pulsr Rewards System Buybacks, token burns and staking;

Protocol fees occur when Pulsr's AI-powered NFT discovery ecosystem is used as a service to boost visibility and/or search-ability of NFTs by NFT platforms or individuals. Protocol fees are used to buyback $Pulsr tokens and then distributed to $Pulsr stakers on third-party platforms and through Pulsr platform stakers. Additionally, token burns occur for NFT platforms that have bought a subscription amount of $Pulsr tokens which burn as the contract expires toward renewal. Protocol fees from NFT platforms for Pulsr's staking distribution and buyback/token burn;

  • Protocol fees occur when NFT platforms leverage NAME to provide better discovery for its creators;

    • To access Pulsr's NAME, NFT minting partners hold a % of $Pulsr tokens for an allocated time to access NAME. As the allotted time counts down, the held tokens for access are burned until completion and the renewal of NAME as a service occurs a new hold and burn schedule by Pulsr's minting partners.

      • As more minting platforms join Pulsr's Network, % of Pulsr tokens to be held and burned will be calculated based on buy pressure and network distribution of $Pulsr.

  • Protocol fees also occur from NFT platforms leveraging Pulsr's NFT Metadata Blockchain via Search-As-A-Service.

    • For access, NFT platforms hold a % of $Pulsr tokens for an allocated time to access Pulsr's chain. As the subscription counts down, the held tokens are burned until contract completion.

      • As platforms join Pulsr's Network, % of Pulsr tokens to be held and burned will be calculated based on buy pressure and network distribution of $Pulsr.

Protocol fees from individual participants;

  • Protocol fees from individuals utilizing Pulsr's NFT Discovery Engine marketplace aggregation feature.

    • Pulsr's Discovery Engine is a marketplace aggregator that receives referral fees from marketplaces when NFT sales are made from traffic directed from Pulsr's platform. Protocol fees from referrals are then used to buyback Pulsr tokens and distributed to $Pulsr stakers.

  • Protocol fees also occur when individuals use NAME on Pulsr's NFT minting partner sites with whom Pulsr shares a fee split.

    • Protocol fees from NAME fee splitting are used to buyback Pulsr tokens and distributed to $Pulsr stakers.

Community Benefits;

  • Token holders are eligible for exclusive perks for Pulsr's vibrant community on the intersection of art, technology, and Web3. Access to unique collaborations of online and IRL events, merch and community perks will be carefully curated for the best experience for Pulsr's community.

  • Additionally, larger token holders will be able to access crucial protocol calls with Pulsr's team, as they devise and decide on upcoming protocol, roadmap, and scalability calls to gain pre-announcement information.

Unique Ecosystem Access;

  • Function and Feature Voting

    • Pulsr builds its ecosystem upon community feedback. This iterative process allows for Pulsr to build towards community needs, over assumed needs. As such, functions and features are often released, tested, and improved before fully live on the platform. Token holders can propose desired functions and features for Pulsr's ecosystem and vote on which function and features stay.

  • Premium discovery features

    • While foundation features are available to everyone, Pulsr often releases premium features that boost visibility and discovery of NFTs on the metadata level and search function level. Token holders can use tokens to access Pulsr's premium discovery features for a better experience.

A percentage of Pulsr's protocol fees will be used to distribute to $Pulsr stakers on Pulsr's platform and for those staking $Pulsr on third-party sites. Staking $Pulsr is slated to be automated for $Pulsr token holders on Pulsr's platform.

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