⛓️[In Development] Pulsr’s Open NFT Metadata Blockchain

Across its supported chains, Ethereum, Tezos, Polygon and soon Solana, Pulsr has auto-generated 60m+, AI-powered metadata "SEO" for NFTs. This is the first, the only, and largest database of text-layered discovery for NFTs, and has been Phase One of Pulsr's larger vision of launching its Open NFT Metadata Blockchain in 2024.

Pulsr's NFT metadata labels are housed centrally as of now and are the foundation of search, discovery, and labelling for Pulsr's launched ecosystem: NFT Discovery Engine and NAME. This dataset of enriched metadata labels was required for Phase Two of Pulsr's ecosystem launch to make "Search-As-A-Service" available to all providers with search requirements for their users.

This is now possible as participants on the retail and ecosystem levels have reached network effects on Pulsr's existing services. Enough metadata has been collected to make it publicly available for all platforms with search needs (any platform with a search bar), to utilize Pulsr's chain as their search database, and to improve discovery for their users no matter the chain, medium, ecosystem, or time of mint.

As Pulsr's chain is unbiased, and seeks to lift the discovery experience in Web3 as a whole, there is no "race to the bottom" scenario where discovery is leveraged as a unique value proposition on platforms, rather than approached as a basic ecosystem right of its participants. This also means platforms with search needs can focus on their core offerings and lessen technical and operational debt on their resources. The technical write-up of Pulsr's NFT Metadata Blockchain will be released publicly as the Foundation reaches mainnet launch of its AI-powered NFT discovery chain. Pulsr is constantly in development to support all chains that foster an NFT community. We use chain adoption of NFT communities as a signal to supply auto-generated AI labelling for NFTs, however Pulsr intends to service all chains in its pursuit of discovery parity in Web3.

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