🌌5.0 Pulsr’s discovery ecosystem

Pulsr Foundation’s core technology is packaged in different services and products for access by the ecosystem on a retail and platform level. The key to improving the discovery of the entire ecosystem is by implementing Pulsr at time of mint, and providing open access to Pulsr’s blockchain which houses AI-enriched metadata labels for already minted NFTs to platforms. The feedback loop between images, video or audio scanned and labelled, as well as the success rate of scan-to-label accuracy, will compound Pulsr’s technology ability to self-improve. Pulsr’s technology provides discovery across multiple chains and different mediums with ease.

Currently, Pulsr has launched two products that sit within its ecosystem strategy of providing visibility to NFTs. And is on the edge of launching its own blockchain to boost Web3 Wide discovery. The Foundation's ecosystem is as follows: 🟢 [Launched] Pulsr's NFT Discovery Engine 🟢[Launched] NAME (NFT Automated Metadata Enhancement) 🟡[In Development] Pulsr's Open NFT Metadata Blockchain

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