๐Ÿ”ญ[Launched] Pulsr's NFT Discovery Engine

Pulsr Foundation released https://www.pulsr.ai/ as Web3โ€™s AI-powered NFT discovery engine. The discovery engine makes it easy for Web3โ€™s community to search, filter and discover NFTs based on tastes. The discovery engine is also a NFT marketplace aggregator that connects the ecosystem.

As this platform reaches network effects of profile creations, wallets are scanned upon profile creations and automatically labelled by Pulsr. Its labelling system is then further informed by what participants are searching, bookmarking and interacting with as to compound Pulsrโ€™s ability to scan and label NFTs more accurately and improve results of its ecosystem. The NFT Discovery Engine's main features are;

  • Search and Discovery feature makes it easy to find NFTs based on collected and created similarities. As Pulsr provides enriched metadata for NFTs across chains and mediums, it means you will find NFTs and profiles that are closer to your interests. One simply uses this search engine like Google to source never seen before NFTs across supported chains and mediums.

  • Profile Insights which allows Web3 creators and collectors to better search and identify who in the ecosystem shares similar taste profiles in collections and creations. This feature allows anyone to understand the visual and audio attributes of someone's wallet which increases the likelihood of a meaningful connection. This is similar to matchmaking platforms such as online dating services. However in the context of Pulsr, has huge benefits in understanding behaviorally likes and dislikes through social clustering, furthering labelling capabilities and search functionality.

  • Pulsr Profiles allows you to curate your profile not only by what youโ€™ve created and collected, but also bookmark NFTs which inspire you. By curating your profile you will be better able to express your vision as an artist or a collector across mediums and different chains.

As Pulsr is multi-chain, itโ€™s able to combine scanning abilities across all connected wallets to one profile, allowing creators to have one place to display all works, as well as super link all associated platforms. Creating a super link for themselves.

  • [Coming Soon] Curated Connections is like โ€œLinkedInโ€ for Web3 natives. As Pulsr provides scan and labelling services we are able to cross-compare similarities in wallets and bookmarking habits to make curated connections between Pulsr Profiles. Similar to Profile Insights, this doubles as a clustering dataset for better-enhanced labelling and search results.

Product Updates for Pulsr's AI-Powered NFT Discovery Engine * Please note, that membership cards are no longer available. This campaign is being merged into Pulsr's "Pulsarian" pfp collection.

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